Beautiful Redesign of Popular Websites

September 28, 2022 0 Comments

Not every designer has the opportunity to work on the design of a popular brand or its websites. However, most have their own point of view on what Facebook, BBC, Twitter, Youtube and other websites should look like. That is why many designers from all over the world take the time to create redevelopment concepts for these famous sites.

They are not bound by specific guidelines and deadlines, which is perfect for their creative visions and innovations to take root and fly. In this showcase, we have collected 33 website redesign concepts that you have come to know and love. Let us know which of the redesign concepts you like the most or if you prefer what the official websites look like right now.


Here is a conceptual redesign of the famous Craiglist e-commerce site. The designer worked on the list page of the site by making it clearer, adding a distinctive search bar and revising the placement of filters.


Dribble is the center of the best designers and it is natural that one of these brilliant minds will redesign the site. What I like is the use of a cover (similar to Twitter and Facebook) for the profile page, as well as the layout of the project photos.


This Etsy redesign concept uses bolder and cleaner visuals than the current web design. You can see larger product images and a small drop-down menu box that gives you product information when you hover over it.

Wikipedia in English

Although Wikipedia is used by millions of people, it has a very discreet web design that leaves a lot of need for redesign. This design concept places the information in well-assembled blocks and also contains image tiles that open a large image when you click on it. I hope Wikipedia will be inspired by it…


This is an interesting redesign concept of LinkedIn, which presents a cleaner and more modern layout compared to the current layout. I especially like the way the suggestions and recommendations have been placed correctly on the side or at the bottom, but the blue of the LinkedIn brand is not found a little in this Design.


Here is a brand new simple and modern user interface for the famous BBC News website. The designer has focused on a clean and simple reading experience with an article page with a full view. The image slider at the very top also gives the Design an imposing look.


A cool redesign of YouTube with a darker user interface, a play button that follows the cursor, volume, settings and subtitles displayed by the movement of the mouse and a description of the video that appears as the first comment. In addition, you can see other videos by the same author by clicking on the background.

Amazon Streaming Services

Here’s an experimental redesign of Amazon’s movie streaming service. Both design options show a minimal but visually striking layout. In one Option, Amazon’s signature yellow appears as a bold sidebar with categories. In the other, the sidebar appears in white with yellow highlights when you hover the mouse over it.

Twitter Profile

Inspired by the recent redesign of the Twitter profile page, this is Concept Design stands out for a very modern look and an excellent use of space. The sidebar on the left has a continuous blue color, which gives a certain balance to the layout. The use of the flat design and the placement of the toolbar icons give it a fairly fresh look.

Social Network

This is a clean interface concept design mainly for a Generic social media site. It shows a great use of white space and well-organized content.


The image-based social media network Tumblr is already known among millions, but it doesn’t hurt to reshape it. Here is a conceptual design that shows a clear and uncluttered interface. Posts, messages, subscribers and other tabs have been organized in a beautiful sidebar with a larger and bolder image display.

Facebook Column

This is a redesign of the Facebook timeline concept In the form of a real two-column timeline. What I find really interesting is the profile page where the cover photo, the name and other information are displayed quite in bold.


Although the designers have given a lot of thought to the current Instagram user interface, this concept also plays with a few key elements of the user interface and UX. The flat design adds minimalism, allowing the user to navigate easily. However, it would be interesting to see what happens when you hover the mouse over an image.

Apple Company

This conceptual redesign of the Apple Stores is based on a modular UI/UX approach. You can see that the designer used larger images and less text to draw the user’s attention to the products.

Dropbox Dashboard

Most of us are used to the current Dropbox dashboard. However, this redesign concept takes an even more minimal approach to design. You can see Dropbox’s own blue and white color scheme with flat design icons and a clear user interface.

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